Warm Air Heating Guide


System balancing

Balancing ensures that the right amount of warm air is delivered to each room

The warm air system in your property seems to be working better in some rooms than others?

We often hear from customers that they have issues with some rooms being too hot whilst others are too cold. This is often a symptom of a poorly balanced system.

  • Balancing a system requires specialist equipment - an air flow meter and a thermometer
  • Balancing involves adjusting the air flow into each room
  • Balancing is achieved by mechanical means, often using dampers behind registers or in rising ducts
  • We use air velocity factor tables to help us calculate optimum air flows

  Warm Air Myth

We are often told by customers that the warm air isn't coming out of the registers/grilles fast enough to heat the room...Remember that the faster the air moves, the cooler it will be, so don't be fooled by the air velocity and what you expect from a regular fan heater.


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