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If you accept our free of charge quotation for a replacement warm air unt we will endeavour to make the replacement works efficient and hassle free. Our teams of highly experienced installation technicians will have your new unit installed and working in no time!

Installation - What will happen?

  • We will always confirm an installation date with you upon your placing an order with us. We do require a 25% deposit for all orders
  • From date of order we usually expect to be able to carry out a replacement within 7 to 10 days. This is dependant solely on availability of replacement units
  • Installations are usually carried out by a 2 man team and are usually completed in a single day
  • If you have provided us with you mobile telephone number, you will receive a text message when the engineers are on their way
  • On arrival, our engineers will cover the work area and any access areas with dustsheets to ensure that none of your floor coverings or belongings are damaged
  • Our engineers will carry out a quick Health & Safety assessment of the job to ensure that their are no additional risks to you or us
  • They will explain to you exactly what the works will entail and roughly how long they will be in your home - Feel free to ask questions!
  • Your old unit will be removed and will be taken away by our engineers or one of our drivers for proper disposal
  • Once your new unit is in place, our engineers will fully explain how the new system works and how best to operate it. They will leave you with user instructions and the warranty pack for the unit
  • Over the following weeks after installation, you will receive your invoice, details on how to pay, your gas safety certificate and your building regulations notice for your records
  • We only expect payment once you are fully satisfied with our work

Important technical information before we arrive

We like to make sure that all of our customers are kept informed of what we might find upon installation. These items are usually covered in your quotation, but we have listed below a few things that you need to know before we carry out your installation.

  1. We will replace your existing heater on a "like for like" basis, so the new unit will almost certainly be kept in the same position as your old one
  2. We may need to alter the base that the unit sits on (the plenum base).
  3. The main ducting around your home will remain the same. This is because it is usually buried in the structure of the property
  4. The existing air supply and return air ductwork will be modified to suit your replacement unit
  5. Replacement quotes do not include replacement grilles and registers unless they have been specifically listed within the quotation. We do of course offer a replacment service
  6. At the time of survey we are unable to carry out a detailed inspection of the flue terminal  or gas ridge vent tile. It may be necessary that additional costs will be incurred if these are found to be defective. Of course we will let you know about any additional works before we carry them out
  7. Your replacement unit may be attached to the existing flue, or we may install a complete new flue system. This will be detailed on your quotation
  8. We will ensure that the gas supply is correctly sized to the warm air unit from the gas meter
  9. We will update and install (where necessary) the correct sized combustion and compartment ventilation to ensure safe operation of your new unit


There are a limited number of items that are excluded from our work as follows

  1. Any decorative work
  2. The stretching of carpets after refitting
  3. The remainder of the system, other than new work
  4. Boxing in on existing installation
  5. Asbestos removal
  6. Alterations to flow and return pipework to the water heater becuase of historic poor installation

  Need advice?

Remember that we are here to help. If you have any questions about your installation, just ask by contacting us

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