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Unfortunately this Model unit is no longer available as a replacement. However, we can still service, repair and maintain your unit!

Hi-Spec Features

The Hi-Spec range has been created to give the Consumer and Installer an easy and economical upgrade path from older makes and models of warm air units. Hi-Spec units are available from 7.3kW to 26.4kW output. There many options available to upgrade your unit to increase the economy, efficiency and control. There are Hi-Spec models for very application, whether installed in a compartment (cupboard), slot fix or freestanding.

  • Open Flued appliance - A direct replacement for most older units. Special attention must be given to ensure proper combustion ventilation, compartment ventilation and flueing
  • Basic or Modulating Control options
  • Compartment, free standing or slot fix
  • Hot water circulator optional on most models
  • Cleanflow filter add on available
  • Summer air circulation as standard

  Did You Know?

What is summer air circulation on these warm air units?


There is a switch on the control panel of these units that makes the fan unit run without engaging the gas burner. The fan unit blows air around your home which may cool your home. Please note that this is not cooled air like an air conditioning unit would produce!


If you are looking to find out more about a replacement warm air heating unit, our team is waiting to advise you further. Please contact us


Services We Can Provide for Hi-Spec Owners

  1. We can carry out an annual service to your unit to ensure that is running to its optimum. Servicing of warm air units and especially Hi-Spec units is very important. All works are carried out by our own directly employed team of expert technicians.
  2. We can ensure that the ventilation, flueing and return air systems to your unit are installed correctly and are the right size. Incorrectly installed open flued appliances can be extremely dangerous and can produce carbon monoxide. Only get an expert qualified warm air technician to maintain or replace yoru unit.
  3. We offer our Gold Service Cover package. For a small monthly fee, you will receive an annual service, all labour and parts for breakdowns (subject to Terms and Conditions)
  4. We can supply replacement registers and grilles for your home. Let us know the size you need and the colour and we can give you a quote!
  5. We can carry out ad hoc repairs to your system. Our charges are fully transparent and we will always let you know how much things will cost before we do them
  6. We can offer you FREE expert replacement advice that many others can\'t or won\'t. Remember we love warm air!!
  7. We stock the majority of spare parts at our Head Office and have daily deliveries from Johnson & Starley.  We can repair your system as quick as a flash.


our team is waiting to advise you further

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