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Electric heaters

You may live in a property with a warm air unit that is powered by electricity only. When the time comes to replace your unit, we can replace it easily with a gas model

Replacement of Electric Warm Air

Although they are rare these days, some older properties still have electric warm air heaters installed, mainly Electricaire. Our Company has the experitise and experiece to replace these units with a suitable gas model. There are several items to consider when replacing an electric unit with a gas warm air unit

  • There must be a gas supply available in the property
  • There must be  a suitable route for the flue - Recommended that a room sealed unit be installed
  • The output of the unit must be calculated correctly to match the outgoing electric unit
  • A sealed return air duct must be installed to the new gas unit - Electricaire units do not usually have sealed return ducts
  • Combustion and Compartment ventilation must be supplied to the new gas unit where applicable
  • Original base duct will need altering

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