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Aquair Water to Air Heat Interface

The Johnson and Starley Aquair water to air heat interface unit combines the benefits of a normal warm air unit along with the installation benefits of a standard combination boiler and the removal of all flueing issues. It is the modern solution to the replacement of warm air units.

Water to Air Heat Interface Units (HIU)

In some situations it is not physically possible to replace an existing gas warm air unit with another gas warm air unit. This may be due to flueing issues or another siting issue. The ideal solution for those customers who want to keep a \"warm air\" solution, rather than installing radiators, is the Aquair HIU. So what is an HIU?

  • The Aquair unit sits in the same place as the old warm air unit - There is no gas to it or flue
  • The Aquair works by taking the heat from pipes from an alternative heat source (such as a combination boiler, heat pump or biomass) and converting it to warm air
  • The Aquair uses the existing ductwork from your warm air unit
  • You can still use unheated air circulation in the same manner as a gas warm air unit
  • The customer can benefit from instantaneous or stored hot water
  • The Aquair comes with standard filtration as standard, but also has the option of the Cleanflow electronic filtration system

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